Egerszeg Festival

Let’s go to Egerszeg

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Egerszeg Festival is the biggest art event in Zalaegerszeg. Apart from preservation of local traditions it aims to fulfil the needs of the majority of the residents and more.

The organisers try to set up the programme and create a link between the events.

The event has grown beyond its’ local limits since moving to the city centre in 2008 and it has become an outstanding event of the region.

Due to the shrinking economic opportunities in Zalaegerszeg the Egerszeg Festival has formed an integral part of investments in tourism in recent years. The event provides temporary work for more than one hundred people. Young volunteers are also involved in the organisation and management.

It is an important aim to combine additional elements of the festival with Zala County and traditions of Göcsej.

It is not enough to organise an interesting event. It must to be a professionally executed symbolic event of the city which, apart from entertaining the residents, also enhances the experience of living in the city.

The Festival also has to welcome returning the visitors with an experience enriched by local values.

The organisers of the festival have successfully created a multicultural event in the recent years, as proved by the fact that the event received the Distinguished Arts Festival classification, which is the highest rating available in Hungary.

Apart from quality entertainment the festival aims to strengthen the sense of identity of the locals and the projection and preservation of local traditions.

In addition to the three open-air stages the whole area of the city centre becomes a communal space during the festival.

During the event programmes are organised by various cultural and artistic institutions of the city. Workshops, exhibitions and presentations take place during this week in May.

The aim of the marketing which reaches beyond the region is to enhance awareness of the city on a national level and also through the twin cities internationally as well.

Although this is a large event, we intend to ensure that the quality is of the highest standard.

In addition to traditional values the festival hopes to meet the latest trends and expectations in terms of both the performers and the appearance and atmosphere.

The organiser of the event is Kvártélyház Open-air Theatre a company of the city of Zalaegerszeg.